We are a premiere provider of litigation support and technology solutions.

Trial presentation, graphics, illustration, animation & in-court services:
We assist our clients in visualizing the verdict.©

We look forward to working with you as you prepare for your next trial, mediation, or hearing. Since 2002, we have enjoyed the privilege of serving clients from Fortune 100, 500 & 1000 corporations, law firms of varying sizes, insurance carriers, and risk management agencies on cases that comprise almost every area of the law.

Our services include:

  • Trial presentation creation & development - Microsoft PowerPoint, inData's TrialDirector or Sanction II
  • Graphic design & illustration, 2D, 3D & Flash animation
  • In-court & on-site support at trial, mediation or arbitration
  • Litigation software support (i.e. CaseMap, TimeMap, TextMap, LiveNote, Concordance, IPRO, TrialDirector)
  • Courtroom or war room / prep room equipment setup and rental
  • Comprehensive training programs

Why choose Borrowed Ladder?

 An Experienced National Provider  - Talent, Capacity, Capability & Experience
  Borrowed Ladder is a renowned and trusted litigation technology provider that has participated in litigation in courtrooms across the United States. Our years of distinguished trial experience have earned us a reputation for delivering superior customer service and successful results. Whether your case is large or small, we have the knowledge and background to develop successful visual strategies to incorporate into your presentations. From the production of simple timelines to complex 3D models or animations, we can create the solution that best fits your needs. Our national practice and support network allows us to operate from any location in the world and we can always be in-court or on-site at your request.

90 days, no interest fees
We are sensitive to the financial needs of our clients and their parties. Every client of Borrowed Ladder benefits from 90 days of no interest charges on accounts under $250,000. We seek to understand your business as much as your case.